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Surgical Mesh Documentary

Welcome to Mesh UK Charitable Trust


Mesh UK Charitable Trust was incorporated in January 2018 for the purpose of providing victims of mesh implants with unconditional support. The charity also provides support for the victim’s family and friends who are often largely affected.

Mesh is a generic name for metallic or polymeric (plastic) implantable surgical devices used as a scaffold to reinforce weaknesses in tissue or bone throughout the human body.

There are several indications for the same plastic, prosthetic device types that include hernia, prolapse, stress urinary incontinence and breast reconstruction to name a few. They are implanted into men, women and children; often without legal consent.

A great number of complications arise after having mesh implanted. We are aware that patients can suffer from internal injuries to neighbouring organs, blood vessels and nerves, which in turn can leave people with severe illnesses and disabilities. These are life altering conditions and in the worst-case scenario may result in death as has sadly happened to some of our members.

Additionally, patients are not being warned about these adverse effects; if they were, it would be highly unlikely they would consent to the use of these products.

We also believe that doctors aren’t fully informed of these adverse effects, and as a consequence, patients aren’t being helped.

Our Objectives are to offer unconditional support to manage sickness, promote good health and provide information surrounding the complex health issues caused by these medical devices. We believe that a small break from the day to day struggles can make a huge difference in a victim’s life and give them the strength and support to continue their fight for a life free of mesh. We hope to help mesh injured patients by the provision of short respite breaks, from a range of holiday accommodations in the UK. We raise awareness and much needed funds by various fundraising events.


Useful information to help and support those living with mesh related conditions.


Accommodation will be provided by us, for respite breaks at a holiday park in the UK.


If you would like to help support us we would welcome any fundraising or donations.