When I was ill, suffering and at my worst, there was no independent place to get help and advice about what was happening to me. My children became young carers from the moment of mesh implants and our family didn’t even go to the park, less than ½ mile away, for 2 years until I could get the use of a wheelchair. I followed every doctors diagnosis, swallowed every pill, needed carers on a daily basis and spent the last 10 years of my life trying to get it back.

Having struggled first hand with family life, and the struggles for help, advice and diagnosis for a decade, I decided I’d had enough of being a victim of mesh and decided to do something positive for people and families suffering from mesh.

I wanted an independent place to offer the support and advice so badly needed and be able to provide respite breaks for families that I didn’t get, as this would be invaluable support for families by giving them something back for everything they have had to endure.

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  1. I have x 2 they never told me. I’ve been distraught . Worked in care homes . I too see it. Many will have already surcom.
    Urgent Alert around country is needed. Everyone should be requesting notes. This is disgusting. SRD

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