We are brought up to respect and trust the medical profession and believe what they say and do, but more importantly that they are looking after you and your best interests. You wouldn’t think for a minute that they would use products that could cause you more damage and pain than the original symptoms.

This is what happened to my wife and having mesh impacted her and our whole family. This made her disabled and our whole family’s quality of life was affected. I saw her in terrible life-threatening pain and many times I thought she would not survive this.

I am so proud of what Candia has done on her own without the support of the medical profession. She has managed to get herself off all the pain medication and will only take something as a last resort.  Therefore, when Candia said she wanted to start a charity to help other people and families who are in the same situation as us, then without hesitation I joined with her in creating this amazing charity and become a trustee of it.

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