In November 2010 I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer which caused me to have an urgent mastectomy to my right breast and undergo 6 months of chemotherapy and 3 weeks of intense radiotherapy. I then had reconstruction surgery in April 2012 and from the day of that operation I suddenly felt left sided groin pain, it was like I was being ripped in half. I begged the surgeon to give me an ultra sound scan as I could not put my left leg to the floor and could not keep food or water down. The surgeon said it was just nerve pain and just referred me to a pain clinic; no one would listen.

So I came home after 10 days and recuperated the best I could but I ended up in and out of hospital for four years, not being able to tolerate food and at times not even water. I would go three weeks without being able to eat or drink and I lost so much weight. Then in May 2016 I got admitted to hospital yet again for severe stomach pains, sickness, dehydration and dramatic weight loss. I was scanned, tested, you name it, and the conclusion? … they did not know why I probably had an infection as they were unsure even though my bloods were indicating infection. I asked the F2 if there were adhesion’s or anything from a previous surgery and he said no, “I can only see the mesh and metal clips from your hernia operation”.  I then asked what he meant as I have never had a hernia operation.  I know and can list all the surgeries I have had. He then showed me and I was stunned and shocked! I questioned him if there was a possibility that my plastic surgeon could have performed this surgery and he said yes, as this would give strength to the abdominal wall.

I started to do my own research and question the Doctors and Consultants but to no avail. I started to log a diary and I noticed that if I ate and drank as normal, even in very small amounts, within 6 weeks I would start to be sick and not hold any thing down. I was then admitted again with a blocked bowel so I started more research and changed my diet and looked at alternatives herbal remedies. I looked at different types of good food in all types of aspects for all different conditions. Then I started to see a pattern, the same fluids and food intake for three weeks with a complete detox, hardly any symptoms, but a slow intake of fluids and foods and within 8 weeks I’d be back in hospital with a blocked bowel; a constant cycle. I am now on a low fibre diet (under a dietician) which still incorporates my juices. Now I can’t tolerate any medication as this just blocks me up quicker.

The hospitals and so called experts are not listening to me and 8 weeks ago a consultant told me I needed to have the metal clips out urgently and yet here I still am. 2017 was the worse year ever and I was so low it got to the point that I couldn’t take this cycle any more. I drove to a bridge and left messages on my phone and just before I decided to go a step further, without knowing, something made me log on to Facebook and I found the group Mesh UK; this group saved my life. It has made me stronger than ever with their love and support. I am now managing because I have to but, 2018 is a new year and a new beginning. I except there will be pain, sickness, it’s my life and Mesh has ruined it, but more so the doctor who made that decision without my knowledge.